About us

New Life Christian Assembly is an organization that spreads the Good news to those places, nations and those people who have been rejected by the society, tells about the Love of Jesus Christ, the sacrifice he has done for us on the cross, the freedom he has got for us through the Cross - to taste the sweetness of redemption. New Life Christian Assembly was started as a result of prophetic words spoken by Jesus Christ through several Servant of God Especially My Spiritual father and Mentor Pastor. Ian Christensen.

What began in a small house within family members of five, Pastor. DevaKumar, his wife and three children, today has grown into being conducted in the campus of St. George School opposite to Pachiappa's collge, Chennai, and branches in Wallajahpettai. Vellore District Tamilnadu India.

Till now though there is no permanent place, worship is being conducted, amidst several trials and tribulations with the faith that the one who has called is faithful and will be with us till the end and holding fast to the vision given by the Lord.

Special meetings are conducted as part of the ministry to give sound advice to students by visiting them at schools so that they are not lost under the influence of modernization of today's world and decrease in the God Fearing nature among youth.

CARE CELLS OR SMALL GROUPS are created in the houses of believers and through them; those families that do not know or worship the Lord are encouraged. From these groups Leaders are identified and joined into the Church which is the body of the Lord.

New Life Christian Assembly is a ministry that has a burden for prayer, preaches faith, and Carries the burden in its heart to spread the secrets of Good News of the Lord throughout the world. With the foundation verse Go… make disciples of the entire nation from Mathew 28:19 New Life Christian Assembly is a congregation planted by the Lord to build the Kingdom of God on earth.

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