Sister, Sarojini George, (Chennai – 30)

I have been working as a school teacher. Due to diabetics, increase in Blood Sugar levels; I developed a wound in my leg. As days went by my leg began to swell and pain increased. Blood used to ooze from my wound and the leg below the knee developed a heavy swelling with acute pain. I started visiting several hospitals in Nagarkoil and Thiruvananthapuram KIMS (Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences). For three years I travelled to several hospitals and back home only spending lakhs of rupees with no benefit and no result for any treatment.

At this time my husband got a job with St. George School as Head Master. Hence I moved from Nagarkoil into the school compound house as a lame person with lot of difficulty to walk. After coming here the condition of my leg became worse, the swelling increased with acute pain and the color of the leg became black, so I was admitted in Billroth Hospital at Chennai. The doctors said that my toes have to be removed.

At this stage, my husband called Pastor. Deva Kumar, to pray for me. Pastor. Deva Kumar prayed and said that the toes will not be removed and to be in good faith. He applied prayer oil and prayed for me. I went home with faith that I will not need any surgery. Once again we invited Pastor. Deva Kumar to our home and he applied prayer oil and prayed for me. From that day, my leg started to heal. The pain stopped. The wound and swelling started to heal. Now we cannot recognize the place of the wound. I have not been able to walk for three years but now am able to walk now.


Sister. Yuwarani Johnson, Wallajah Pettai, Vellore District. Tamil nadu

I had been married for several years but did not have any children. I met several doctors and took their advice, but of no use. At this stage, close to our house, every Sunday evening at 6.30pm. Pastor. Deva Kumar comes and performs the order of worship. I joined the worship but with lot of apprehension. Once the worship was over I asked him to pray to God for a child. Pastor asked me to bring my husband to the next weeks worship. So, next week both my husband and I joined the worship and prayed and went to meet the pastor. He prayed and said that God has already granted us with the child and that we should thank and praise God Almighty. What a wonder the next month itself I conceived and am waiting for my due date.

Mr. Saravanan, M M D A, Chennai - 106

I belong to a Hindu Family. My father is an auto driver. When I was studying in tenth standard I got influenced by a bad spirit and started behaving strangely. My parents brought home a witch-craftsman to help me get rid of the bad spirit. But, nothing happened. Instead, I climbed to the third floor of my house and jumped from there. I fell down with my face down and broke my head. I became unconsciousness. In this stage I was taken to Appasamy hospital close to me house. The doctors who treated me told my parents that it was difficult for me to survive.

I was lying in the hospital unconscious, my body had several fractures, and I was weak and fragile. My mother started visiting several temples, but no other god came to help me. At this stage, some staff who worked with my mother brought Pastor. Deva Kumar to pray for me. Pastor came to pray for me along with his wife. But the doctors there said that only he could enter into the ICU and to pray without laying his hands upon me. But Pastor, waited for a long time until all the doctors left and put his hand and prayed for me. He told my mother that I am saved, in two weeks time he will get up and come home. Just like what he said I came home in two weeks time. My neighbors thought that I will come home as a corpse but I came home holding Pastor's hand and walked into the house.

As a result of this accident some small bones around my stomach had been broken and I could not eat properly for a years' time. But, for my next birthday, Pastor Deva Kumar came to my house, fed me with the cake and prayed for me. I was afraid to eat the cake. But pastor told me to pray with faith and eat. He also told me that in the following days I will eat well. From then on I was able to swallow food and started to eat well. The doctors who treated me marveled at me, they said that I was brought to the hospital 98 % dead and only 2 % life, but now life has flowed into me.

I praise God for giving me healing. I am working as a web designer. I thank God Almighty for making my life victorious before the enemy who wanted to destroy me.

Bro. Pazhani alias Caleb, Chennai -2

I am a staunch Hindu. Though my family members follow Jesus Christ I did not know about Jesus Christ and I was a long standing Idol worshipper. I was a drunkard and lived a life addicted to drugs. My mother and brother go to the church and I go to the wine shop. For the birthday of my sister's daughter I also joined my family and attended church. Pastor. Deva Kumar was speaking the word of God, I went and stood in the last row, after some time I could not move from that place. At the end of the worship, Pastor prayed for all the members and asked me to come forward as well.

I could not stand, suddenly an evil spirit within me started to talk. I fell and started to roll on the ground in the church. Pastor asked me to come the next day with fasting. My family and I came to church with fasting. All the spirits from the temples that I visited started talking from within me. Then each one told its name and left me. Totally forty six evil spirits came out from me. Then I felt very weak. When these evil spirits were in me they tempted me to drink and I will start drinking alcohol. They used to influence me in bad ways. But now The Lord Almighty has given me the grace and I am able to worship the Lord freely and to love him.

I praise god who has given me freedom and a new life.